The WLF Anthology of Global Ambassadors 2020 Call for Submissions

The WLF Anthology of Global Ambassadors 2020 is an advocacy tool dedicated to promoting Global initiative to advocate and fundraise for literacy in the world in order to eradicate illiteracy by 2030. The theme of the anthology is (Eradicate Illiteracy By 2030). The book will be an outcome of the WLF Ambassador Program 2020. The anthology will be distributed worldwide for free to poor children who cannot afford to have a book of their own.

With the high demand for it and expression of interest by WLF Ambassadors in various Whatsapp groups, 3 renowned writers from across the globe and 3 PhD holders who are all WLF Ambassadors 2020, are willing to edit the book for free.

This initiative is also meant to archive the wealth of global literary production from getting lost in the chaos of the global crisis of Covid-19. So that young people, storytellers and aspiring writers can stay informed about global trends in the literary scene. To ensure that the significance of their works transcends the final moment of their stories in an anthology book.

To advocate for global literacy, every child deserves to own a book they like to read. – Modou Lamin Age-Almusaf Sowe, The Gambia,WLF Ambassador 2020

The call for submissions is run by The Voice of The Pen (VOP) in partnership with the World Literacy Foundation.The anthology is meant to support WLF Ambassadors during this challenging time in which many are unable to get to physical libraries. As the WLF Ambassadors enjoy Module 1 and 2, it might be of interest to write their thoughts in stories – as a way of practicing what they learn.

According to the World Literacy Foundation, there are 750 million people around the world that can’t read a single word and another 2 billion struggle to read a sentence. This reality has a negative social and economic impact, such as:

-poor health outcomes
-welfare dependency
-gender inequality
-lack of social cohesion
-increased criminal activities

WLFAmbassador2020 #WLF #EradicateIlliteracyBy2030

We welcome submissions in the following categories:

• Short Story: between 1000- 2000 words

• Poetry: Maximum of 25 lines

• Flash Fiction: Between 500-800 words

• Essays: 500 words

All submissions must be themed based and must be written on the theme “Eradicate Illiteracy By 2030″
The submission window is open from 25th July to 25th August 2020.
Response time is typically 1-3 days after the submission window closes. However, all submissions will be fully acknowledged.


  1. We strongly recommend that 20% of all submissions are written, and/ or include the Indigenous languages of the applicant (s).
  2. All submissions must be the original work of the applicants and should not have been published before.
  3. Plagiarism will be checked and if detected, submissions will be automatically rejected.
  4. All submissions must be accompanied by a professional photo of the applicant with a short biography of the person in nothing less than 150 words.
  5. All applicants must be WLF Ambassadors 2020 and should be officially accepted into the WLF Ambassador Program.
  6. All stories should be written for children between the ages of 5- 15

The book will be available for free download latest on / before 30th September, 2020.
For queries and/ or questions, please contact us

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