Ammaarah Bint Farook Mahomed

Name: Ammaarah Bint Farook Mahomed
County: South Africa
Profession: Entrepreneur and Student Linguist
Biography: Born in a conservative rural town, my dreams always exceeded exceptions. Current student of Communications and Languages, my dream is to be a Linguist specialising in Neurolinguistics. I have been involved in several projects for the advocacy of Literacy and Reading among the Youth. Entrepreneur, volunteer and academic, my skills are vast and all encompassing. I have received a number of awards throughout the years for academic excellence as well as being awarded top learner on the South African NSC sacai examinations in 2018 as well as 2019 top learner in Linguistics at the University of Johannesburg. I am also a Ujenius club member awarding the top 1% of students in the university. I am passionate about change and growth, defying expectations and eradicating the stereotypes that plague our beautiful world.