2021 Shakespeare Memorial Awards

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The Shakespeare Memorial Awards (SMA), which is the first of its kind, is an annual programme of the World Writers Association (WoWA) and it is named after the pre-eminent English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare.

The award targets global writers living on the five continents in the world and brings together Scholars, Writers, Literary Veterans, Book Enthusiasts, Booksellers, Policymakers, and the Youth from across the world.

The goal is to award five literary prizes to the world’s most prolific authors from the five continents in the world. It’s also meant to engage a global narrative on the life and works of William Shakespeare, the state of world literature, and the hope of renaissance.

The theme for the 2021 Shakespeare Memorial Awards is ‘Harmonizing Indigenous Languages of The World: The Role of Writers In Cultural Preservation’

For any additional information, please send an email to worldwriterassociation@gmail.com


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