Signorine Gladys Niyoyitungiye

I am Signorine Gladys Niyoyitungiye, from Burundi. I am a passionate social entrepreneur, a
community organizer and a literacy advocate. I am the Co founder of the Little Fairy Library, a
non profit organization with promotes literacy and quality education in remote and underprivileged areas of Uganda. In alignment with our objective to promote literacy, a library
was successfully launched at Bukolwa C/U Primary school and benefits over 2,000 pupils.
I also serve as the Project Manager at the Youth Initiative to Assist Disaster Victims where I
developed and executed a fundraising campaign strategy using social media in collaboration
with local organizations, artists and youths to raise money for literacy. The proceeds are being
used towards purchasing school supplies to vulnerable children at risk of dropping out of
school as a result of being displaced by natural disasters.
As an Ambassador for the World Literacy Foundation, I am hoping to fund raise and advocate
for literacy in Germany and beyond. It is my conviction that literacy and quality education can
reduce poverty, increase civic engagement, strengthen democracy and help achieve economic
I am also a we54 Young African Leader, an unconventional social movement which aims to
transform Africa by harnessing the potential of every young African to contribute towards the
SDGs in actionable ways.
My previous volunteer experience as a women empowerment activist, in Burundi, involved
conducting awareness campaigns in rural communities on the importance of sending girls to
school, reproductive health and the effects of domestic and sexual violence on women. In
South Africa, I had the privilege of volunteering at the at a Community Service Project where I
was able to teach children in remote and underprivileged areas how to read and write.