Udunma Nnenna Ikoro

Udunma Nnenna Ikoro; the Lead Creative Director, Communique ResourceHub. Multiple Amazon Bestselling Author, trainer and speaker in Lagos, Nigeria.

She is a graduate of Linguistics and Communication Studies, Abia State University, Nigeria, PGD Edu., and other certifications. She is a professional Communication, Educational and Book Project Consultant, Lead Editor and Content Strategist. Udunma has rich teaching experience of 14years plus as an English language teacher and runs an online English Learning Academy.

Udunma is an advocate of Education, Youth Empowerment , Innovation in Reading Culture, Women , Volunteering and Sustainable Environment. She is the convener of TIWA SUMMIT and Masterpiece Writers Summit first held in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She helps writers, entrepreneurs, professionals and authors birth profitable books and become international published authors especially on Amazon. On her journey as a consultant, she has consulted and published books for many professionals like Medical doctors, nurses, accountants, professors,, engineers, authors and entrepreneurs in Nigeria and other countries like Manchester, London, US, Ghana, South Africa,New Zealand, Mozambique, Canada,etc. Between 2017 and 2020, she rose from a clueless writer to a Multiple Amazon Bestselling Author & Publisher; who has authored 5 books and counting including her Bestselling books, Author’s Compass and Phenomenal Parenting.

She helps personal brands and corporate organization to find their unique voice and message, accurately convey it to your audience with clarity for visibility, credibility, influence, impact and profits.
As an Intentional and Mindset shift coach, she helps people to find their potentials , upgrade their lives, live a fulfilling life and have multiple wins consistently. Her little contribution gave her opportunity to be a featured writer and entrepreneur, published contributor on international magazines, podcasts and blogs like thebragmagazine.org, thrive global, Medium, Business Library Talkshow, USA, 360° Woman, and on Television stations like RAVETV.

She is a speaker, trainer, volunteers for organization and NGOs like UN, World Largest Lesson,WLF Ambassador, Global Goodwill Ambassadors, YALI and is the State Coordinator; Revamp Africa. Udunma is the founder of Masterpiece Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy (MEWA) , The Intentional Women Africa (TIWA) and Young Innovators Leadership Africa (YILA) .

Her mantra is: “You Owe Yourself Your Greatness.”

She believes there is greatness in every human and we owe our world our input.